20/20 LASIK guarantees

Our LASIK patients are very pleased with their vision after LASIK  and we believe in making sure our patients are very satisfied.   However, we do not offer 20/20 LASIK Guarantees because this would be a violation of Federal Government Advertising Guidelines.20/20 lASIK Guarantee

The Federal Trade Commission states, "As for promises of 20/20 vision — no doctor can make that guarantee".  Further, the US Food and Drug Administration states:" Be wary of eye centers that advertise, "20/20 vision or your money back" or "package deals. There are never any guarantees in medicine."

Selecting Your LASIK Surgeon

Dr. Stewart Shofner is recognized by his peers as one of the outstanding Board Certified Ophthalmologist and LASIK and Cataract eye surgeons in the United States.   Dr. Shofner recognizes that fear of surgery is the patients greatest concern.  Therefore, he carefully evaluates each patient's vision to provide them their best options.   He answers all questions,  and never, never pressures anyone to have surgery.  Additionally, Dr. Shofner and his staff offers informative articles and press releases for those contemplating LASIK/PRK procedure or other concerns pertaining to the process.

Helpful LASIK Articles

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