"Bladeless" Z-LASIK Vision Correction Procedure

Bladeless Z-Lasik by Shofner VisionDr. Stewart Shofner is one of the first laser vision correction facilities in Middle Tennessee to offer all laser Z-LASIK vision correction procedure. Z-LASIK, the most technologically advanced, all laser LASIK system is now available at an affordable price at Shofner Vision Center.


Manufactured in Switzerland, the Ziemer FEMTO LDV femtosecond laser represents highly advanced technology. It transmits laser pulses at a considerably denser rate than other femtosecond laser devices. For this reason, the energy used to make the flap as well as the spot size are significantly smaller than with other femtosecond-based lasers.

With the combined use of state-of- the art lasers and diagnostic equipment, Z-LASIK provides the best currently available treatment for superior vision correction. The delivery optics are tightly focused for maximum tissue disruption in the focal spot and no thermal or radiation effects to the surrounding tissue.  Learn more about Ziemer GroupWatch a video demonstrating how Z-LASIK works.

Am I a Candidate for Z-LASIK?

Not sure which LASIK procedure is best? Some patients request the Z-LASIK because they do not like the idea of a blade being use to create the flap.  An experienced eye surgeon can assist patients in determining which flap method works best. Click to Schedule a Free LASIK Evaluation online today or call our office and speak to a LASIK counselor at (615) 340-4733 for questions about all laser Z-LASIK or any other eye concerns you may have.

Remember, the decision to have any eye procedure or surgery is the patient's, and we respect that decision.