Can't see Well at night?

Blurred Night Vision - Eye ProblemsDo you experience blurred vision while driving at night? Contact Shofner Vision Center to discuss your treatment options.  We help many patients see better at night and improve their vision at all distances.  There are treatable and non-treatable causes.

Treatable Causes

  • Cataracts - Can be treated with Cataract Vision Correction Surgery and is one of the safest and most commonly performed surgeries in the United States.  Learn more about cataract vision correction.>>

  • Nearsightedness (including astigmatism) - Difficulty with distance vision? Nearsightedness can be treated with Custom 3D LASIK Surgery.  Learn more about LASIK eye surgery.>>

  • Eye Diseases - Can be diagnosed with a comprehensive eye exam. Click to view common eye diseases.

Non-treatable causes may include birth defects or Retinitis pigmentosa.