Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is a native to Nashville and a freshman studying psychology at a local University. She has worn glasses most of her life and was pondering if LASIK was right for her. She was also very skeptical and extremely fearful of any surgical procedures. She quickly learned that Shofner Vision Center could correct her vision with LASIK surgery and also help her overcome her fear of LASIK.  Review More Testimonials on Shofner Vision Center's Facebook Page

Kathryn, Lasik Patient, Shofner Vision CenterThe Interview

How long did you wear glasses?   Since age 5
Was your vision nearsighted or farsighted?   I was nearsighted.  I needed contacts or my glasses to see just about everything. 
Did you opt for traditional or custom LASIK?   I chose custom because it is the best.
What was your biggest fear to overcome?    My biggest fear was going without contacts for a week and wearing glasses.  But that was what Dr. Shofner recommended so I would have the best results.
Why did you choose Shofner Vision Center?   I chose Shofner because he did LASIK on both of my brothers and we really liked the price for a surgeon who has done tons of LASIK on people.
Would you recommend LASIK to her friends?   Absolutely!


My Story

I want to share my story with others who may be considering LASIK as an option to improve their vision. - Kathryn

Kathryn, Lasik Patient, Shofner Vision Center
This is me standing outside of the waiting room holding the folder they gave me a day earlier explaining the procedure. I have my glasses on and I'm really excited but nervous.


 Kathryn and Nancee, Shofner Vision Center

In this picture, I am talking with Nancee about the precautions I need to take post surgery. She was very friendly, I liked her a lot.


Kathryn and Dr. Shofner, Shofner Vision CenterThis is me with Dr. Shofner right before the surgery and I had just taken the valium so I was feeling happy and not nervous at all at that point!


Kathryn and Melissa, Shofner Vision CenterThis is me with Melissa right after the surgery in the operating room. It kind of looked like I was looking under water but I didn't feel any pain, I was just really loopy from the valium. She made me feel very safe.


Kathryn, Shofner Vision Center



This is the staff checking my eyes to make sure everything went perfectly! They took good care of me.


This is me putting my glasses in the glasses graveyard. It was a happy feeling! Kathryn without glasses, Shofner Vision Center

My Outcome

My Outcome: "At the beginning, I was very nervous about it but then after I took the valium I wasn't nervous at all. During the procedure I felt no pain except maybe a little at the beginning when they were clamping my eyes open. It was more irritating than painful, but during the actual surgery I didn't really feel anything. It was really fast and really easy. After the procedure they told me to look at the clock and I could already see it real well. It was incredible. I went home and slept and when I woke up I could see! I haven't had any problems other than dry eyes but that will go away." - Kathryn of Nashville, TN

Thanks Kathryn for sharing your LASIK experience at Shofner Vision Center with others! We look forward to seeing you at your next follow-up appointment. -Dr. Stewart Shofner & Staff