LASIK Surgery by Shofner

Dr. Shofner is one of the most prominent eye surgeons in the country. Dr. Shofner has performed more than 30,000 LASIK vision correction surgeries on Nashville and  Middle Tennessee eyes. More than 95% of our patients come from referrals!

The thought of LASIK surgery can be scary for some. At Shofner Vision Center we offer No Fear - No Pressure LASIK.  Our complimentary consultation will offer you answers to all your questions about LASIK with No Pressure and No Obligation. The decision to have LASIK is yours and we respect your decision.

You can speak to a LASIK Counselor at 615.340.4733 with questions or concerns Mon-Fri from 7:30AM to 9PM and Sat-Sun from 11AM to 5PM.  Shofner Vision Center offers a Free LASIK Evaluation. 

Imagine Feeling Less Dependent on Glasses or Contacts

  • While eyeglasses and contact lenses help improve your eyesight, there is no comparison to the freedom LASIK vision correction surgery provides.
  • What if you woke up in the morning and could read the alarm clock? How much time would you save if you didn't go through daily routine of contact lenses? LASIK can also be more affordable than glasses or contacts.
  • LASIK is one of the most common eye surgery procedures performed because it is quick, simple, and affordable -- with amazing results. 

Most Advanced, Most Affordable Custom LASIK in Nashville

Our prices are the most competitive in the market because 95% of our clients come from referrals. Our word-of-mouth success saves us money on advertising, and we pass those savings on to our patients. There really is affordable LASIK in Nashville, TN.

Current LASIK Prices (per eye):

Traditional LASIK/PRK $999 ($56/Mo*)
Custom 3D LASIK/PRK $1599 ($89/Mo*)
Enhancement Plan $250 ($14/Mo*)

Ask about the all laser "Bladeless" Z-LASIK procedure.

Shofner offers 0% Financing through CareCredit

*Financing through Care Credit. Restrictions may apply.  Zero interest is available to those who qualify.
The above procedures and pricing are per eye and includes one year of follow-up care and any necessary LASIK "touch ups."

LASIK Enhancement Plan (aka: Retreatment or Touch Up)

  • In order to provide you with the best possible LASIK experience, Shofner Vision Center will retreat your eye for one year after surgery at No Charge (if you and Dr. Shofner determine that a retreatment is necessary to provide you with the best vision possible.)  
  • After this first year, a Retreatment Plan is available for only $250 per eye.  Shofner Vision Center's "LASIK Retreatment Plan" is the most patient friendly in middle Tennessee.  
  • The cost to join the Shofner Vision Care LASIK Enhancement Plan is only $250 per eye. This plan includes LASIK touch-ups for $300 per eye for as long as **Dr. Shofner performs LASIK surgery.

**Dr. Shofner will perform this retreatment as long as he is in practice. You must decide if you want to enter the program by the day of your initial surgery.  This applies ONLY to LASIK or PRK surgeries performed by Dr. Shofner. Dr. Shofner and his staff will assist to determine if the Retreatment Plan is appropriate for you.