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You don't have to be a contest winner to receive great LASIK prices at Shofner!  No games or gimmicks, we simply offer the most affordable LASIK prices in Nashville... every month-every day, using the same advanced technology for U.S. Air Force pilots.

Over 95% of our patients come from referrals, which allows us to offer the most affordable LASIK Prices in Nashville. Contact Shofner Vision Today to improve your vision! Knowledgeable LASIK Counselors are available every day:  7:30AM - 9PM (Mon-Fri), and 11AM - 5PM (Sat-Sun), CST.

Traditional LASIK $  999/per eye
3D Custom LASIK $1599/per eye

All Laser "Bladeless" Z-LASIK

Dr. Stewart Shofner is one of the first laser vision correction facilities in Middle Tennessee to offer all laser Z-LASIK vision correction procedure. Z-LASIK, the most technologically advanced, all laser LASIK system is now available at an affordable price at Shofner Vision Center.

Tired of Wearing Glasses?

Why not Schedule a No-Pressure, Tired of Wearing Glasses? Get LASIK Now by ShofnerComplimentary LASIK Evaluation? You have nothing to lose and only better vision to gain!  Use Tax-Free Dollars to Pay for LASIK with your FSA Plan.

Top disadvantages of wearing eye glasses include, but not limited to:

  • Glasses are very expensive and over time, LASIK can be more affordable.
  • The distance between your eye and the lens sometimes creates distortion or may decrease peripheral (side) vision. 
  • Glasses can be misplaced, lost, and/or broken.
  • You can't see without them!
  • Glasses can feel unnatural, distracting barrier between your eyes and the world.
  • They can be uncomfortable due to extra weight on your face, ears, and may irritate skin.
  • Ongoing maintenance of cleaning off smudges, tightening or other adjustments are tedious.
  • Glasses fog up when the temperature changes and are especially annoying to wear in the rain or snow.
  • Fashionable and inexpensive non-prescription sunglasses are not an option if you wear eyeglasses.No Fear - No Pressure LASIK

No Fear - No Pressure LASIK

Fear is the number one reason people do not choose LASIK.  You will be pleased to know that Shofner Vision Center offers No Fear-No Pressure LASIK. We will answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. After your free consultation, there is absolutely no obligation, no charges, and no aggravating follow-up calls. 

 LearnGet LASIK Now. Why Wait? More About LASIK:

Stop being annoyed or delayed with wearing contacts or need to wait - Get LASIK Now! Dr. Shofner, one of Nashville's most experienced LASIK surgeons, believes in providing Affordable, high-quality LASIK in a No Pressure Environment.

Call Shofner Vision Center today at 615-340-4733 or send us an email!

 LASIK Facts
  • Did you know over 13,000 LASIK procedures are performed each week in the US?
  • Dr. Stewart Shofner has performed more than 30,000 LASIK/PRK surgeries on Middle Tennessee eyes.
  • Did you know Custom LASIK has been approved for NASA Astronauts and Air Force Pilots?


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