Military LASIK Program

Providing LASIK/PRK Laser Surgery Solutions

The United States Military now recognizes that in a combat situation, glasses and contacts are simply not very functional and can even be very dangerous. [Watch LASIK on Frontlines Video]  Shofner Vision Center embraces those who serve in the military and has provided LASIK and PRK for many Pilots, Soldiers, and even Snipers. Our Military Program includes special LASIK prices for all active duty, reserve, and National Guard Military personnel and military families (children, spouses, parents). Additionally, Shofner offers Complimentary LASIK for Wounded Warriors.

Shofner Vision Center Military Special LASIK Prices


$1,399 ($75/Month*) / per eye

Traditional LASIK/PRK

$899 ($50/Month*) / per eye

*Financing through Care Credit. Restrictions may apply.

Wear your Military Uniform for an extra $100 off LASIK/PRK Surgery!

Free Lasik to Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors Receive Complimentary LASIK by Shofner

A serviceman or veteran whose combat wound (or in some cases a non-combat injury) during their deployment overseas hinders use of glasses or contacts may qualify for **complimentary LASIK/PRK from Shofner Vision Center.  Example:  A serviceman/servicewoman who cannot put in contact lenses or glasses because of the loss of a hand. 

**Please note: Shofner Vision Center will determine, in its sole discretion, those who qualify for this complimentary LASIK/PRK service.


View the LASIK on the Frontlines Video below and learn how US Military has embraced LASIK vision correction surgery.

Any active duty serviceman or servicewoman unable to obtain qualified and approved LASIK (or PRK) from the Military prior to deployment to a combat zone can receive their LASIK at no cost from Shofner Vision Center. We also have special LASIK programs for Wounded Warriors providing free LASIK for any Serviceman or Servicewoman who has lost a limb in combat.  We also offer extremely attractive prices for Veterans, Reservists, and Active Duty Serviceman and Women and their dependents.