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Dr. Stewart Shofner Shares 5 Tips in Selecting a Good LASIK Vision Correction Surgeon

by Dr. Stewart Shofner
Thu, Mar 1st 2012 11:00 am
Nashville, TN

Dr. Stewart Shofner of Shofner Vision Center reports an increasing trend of gimmicky advertising from those within the Ophthalmology Industry who provide LASIK vision correction surgery. From kissing a farm animal for free LASIK to Leap year specials (the 29th person to call gets free LASIK) are just two of the many questionable tactics to entice consumers into having laser vision correction surgery.

Consumers BewareSafe Affordable LASIK by Shofner Vision Center
Medical procedures are a serious business. "LASIK vision correction surgery, which is a safe and a routine procedure, must still be performed by a competent eye surgeon who should focus on delivering quality information about LASIK to patients...without any gimmicks or games," explains Mr. Steve Koenig, Practice Administrator. There are many competent LASIK surgeons in Nashville, TN and indeed, around the world. LASIK is very safe procedure. However, some eye clinics continue to sell the surgery like a used car or a food processor on late night TV. "This unfortunate type of advertising is of great concern to those in the ophthalmology industry who take pride in conducting business in a professional manner," says Dr. Shofner who shares five important tips in selecting a good LASIK surgeon.

Selecting a LASIK Vision Correction Surgeon Tips

1) Experienced. Ideally the best LASIK surgeons are those surgeons who are not only highly skilled with a great deal of experience, but possesses professional and medical credentials. As consumers are researching online about medical procedures, it's best to check the surgeon's credentials.

2) Trustworthy. Patients should feel comfortable in discussing any questions or concerns with a LASIK surgeon and ensures all questions are answered accurately and honestly.

3) Quality. High volume doesn't necessarily equal quality. A starting point would be to consult friends, family or coworkers to learn about their LASIK experience and feedback. A good LASIK surgeon typically has a solid reputation within their community. Also, check with medical boards or local Better Business Bureau for any lawsuits, malpractice cases or negative results.

4) Specialized. No two eyes are alike. Everyone's vision is unique and to correct vision impairment may require additional qualifications. A good LASIK surgeon should discuss all possible treatment options and provide specialized services.

5) Reputable. Let's face it, anyone can purchase ad space. Consumers should beware of gimmicky LASIK advertisements that deliver a sense of urgency or employs high-pressure to have surgery. These ads typically include a "call to action" such as: "These prices for LASIK won't last long. So you must CALL NOW!" The "29th LASIK is Free" ad takes advantage of this leap year (February 2012 has 29 days) and encourages patients to contact a reputable LASIK clinic in a specific month. The ad is a merely a ploy and doesn't justify a procedure that is safe and life changing. Like all elective surgical procedures, one should never feel pressured to have surgery.

About Shofner Vision Center
Dr. Shofner at Shofner Vision Center in Nashville strongly believes LASIK clinics should promote the safety and benefits of LASIK to the public as opposed to using unprofessional and cheesy marketing ads. LASIK is safer than ever due to the latest technology, such as Custom Vue, which provides enhanced vision to patients. Shofner Vision never employs high-pressure or gimmicky sales tactics and is also the only eye clinic in Nashville that softly promotes a "No Fear - No Pressure" (No Gimmicks), complimentary LASIK evaluation to patients interested in laser vision correction surgery.

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