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Renowned Eye Surgeon, Dr. Stewart Shofner Delivers The Surprising Truth About the Recently Advertised "3D Lasik" Vision Correction Procedure

Press Release

Thu, Dec 13th 2012 09:00 am
Nashville, TN

 The term "3D Lasik" is being used by some practices as a new feature to promote the benefits of Custom Lasik, which by the way, has been available to patients since 2003. According to Dr. Stewart Shofner of Shofner Vision Center in Nashville, TN, "3D Lasik" is actually the same procedure as "Custom Lasik," which utilizes WaveScan Technology to create a 3 dimensional map of the eye. The advanced CustomVue procedure (aka Custom Lasik) uses the digital information about the eyes unique characteristics to provide more precise measurements and therefore, much better results from Lasik surgery. Dr. Shofner and many other Lasik surgeons have been using this technology with outstanding results for over eight years!

About WaveScan Technology
Custom WaveScan (aka WaveFront or WavePrint), was approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) over ten years ago. "A 3 dimensional image of the cornea" appears in FDA correspondence to Visx, the manufacturer of the technology, as early as 2002. Going back to 1993, Lasik centers used the term "3D" in their Lasik practices to describe Custom Lasik technology.

About Custom Lasik
Since 2003, the Advanced CustomVue Lasik procedure (aka Custom 3D Lasik), has continued to earn additional FDA approvals to treat the broadest range of vision imperfections possible, including mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and all types of astigmatism. Custom Lasik is by far the most advanced laser vision correction procedure available. "Navy Pilots can land on an aircraft carrier as soon as one week after Custom LASIK, even at night," says Dr. Shofner.

Clinical studies presented to the FDA indicated that the advanced CustomVue procedure can potentially produce better vision than wearing glasses or contact lenses. In fact, clinical trials submitted to the FDA by Visx (now Abbott Medical Optics, Inc.) have shown that more patients are satisfied or very satisfied with their vision after the CustomVue procedure than they were before with glasses or contact lenses.

Individualized Treatment
The CustomVue procedure begins with an individual vision evaluation using the WaveScan System to create a map of an eye's unique imperfections. The CustomVue procedure uses the digital information from that map to design a unique treatment for each eye. The WaveScan map information is then transferred to the STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser. The laser uses this information to apply a cool laser beam that reshapes your cornea to create a new curvature and correct your vision. This technology can correct astigmatism and other aberrations in the eye. Although any surgery involves some degree of risk, the CustomVue procedure has received high accolades and remarkable statistics such as:

  • Ninety eight percent of mild to moderate nearsighted patients could see 20/20 or better one year after treatment.
  • One hundred percent of mild to moderate nearsighted patients could pass a driving test without glasses or contact lenses one year after treatment.

About Shofner Vision Center
At Shofner Vision Center, we offer "No Fear, No Pressure" Lasik and Cataract surgery. Our staff is trained to provide the best medical eye services possible. We specialize in LASIK/PRK Procedures including Custom 3D Lasik, Cataract Vision Correction Surgery, and Complete Eye Exams. Dr. Stewart Shofner, one of the most prominent eye surgeons in the country has performed more than 30,000 LASIK/PRK vision correction surgeries and 10,000 ocular surgeries in Middle Tennessee. Dr. Kevin Johnson is Board Certified in the treatment of diseases of the eye and continues to assist the US Air Force with the evaluation of Lasik for Air Force Pilot Candidates. Our reputation for excellence makes us one of the most affordable eye care practices in the Nashville area. Contact Shofner Vision Center for your complimentary Lasik evaluation to determine if Lasik vision correction surgery is appropriate for you.


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