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Renowned Eye Surgeon, Dr. Stewart Shofner Announces Top 5 Professions to Benefit From LASIK Vision Correction Surgery

Mon, Apr 29th 2013 10:50 am
Nashville, TN
Dr. Stewart Shofner of Shofner Vision Center in Nashville examines many patients who, for a variety of reasons, are interested in LASIK Vision Correction Surgery. "Most of my patients simply want to ditch their glasses or never put contact lenses in their eyes ever again," states Dr. Shofner. However, "I've noticed an increase in specific professions interested in LASIK surgery to meet job requirements or to enhance their overall job performance." Dr. Shofner lists the top 5 professions that choose LASIK to enhance job performance and why.

1) Athletes. Pro-athletes like golfers, boxers, basketball, football, and baseball players have been reported to get LASIK to improve their overall performance. "Professional baseball players, whose ability to see and hit a baseball is critical, have found LASIK improves their performance," says Dr. Shofner. Some baseball purists believe LASIK gives players an unfair advantage similar to steroids!

2) Pilots. Commercial airline pilots can wear glasses or contacts, but their normal vision must still be within reasonable parameters established by the FAA, which recognizes that the loss of glasses or contacts during flight is a serious safety issue. "Navy Pilots are reported to land on an aircraft carrier at night just one week after Custom LASIK Eye Surgery", says Dr. Shofner.

3) Military. The US Military now recognizes that in a combat situation, glasses and contacts are simply not very functional and can even be very dangerous in both combat and non-combat situations.

4) Firefighters and Law Enforcement. Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers find glasses and contacts hindrances as they enter into dangerous situations such as burning buildings or enduring other physical demands of their professions.

5) Doctors. Doctors, Paramedics, and First Responders all benefit significantly with good vision without the need of contacts or glasses. The need to quickly respond to emergencies and/or search for people if they are trapped in a secluded area should not be hindered by inadequate vision or visual aides. "We have also performed LASIK surgery and also cataract surgery using Premium Intraocular Lenses on Doctors who need improved vision to better perform both examinations and surgery on their patients," says Dr. Shofner.

There are many more professions that can benefit from LASIK, especially those that require good vision as part of the job description. Even lifeguards need the ability to monitor the pool or sea from a distance to ensure swimmers safety. Most, if not all technology approved for LASIK in the Unites States improves a patient's vision and lifestyle. The best vision results from using the CustomVue LASIK procedure with Iris Registration. This is the technology used by the Air Force for pilot candidates who must have 20-20 vision or better. "Most patients, including professionals are choosing the CustomVue LASIK procedure," reports Dr. Shofner

About CustomVue LASIK
Custom LASIK is by far the most advanced laser vision correction procedure available. Since 2003, the Advanced CustomVue LASIK procedure (aka Custom 3D LASIK), has continued to earn additional FDA approvals to treat the broadest range of vision imperfections possible, including mild to severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and all types of astigmatism. Although no surgery is totally risk free, the CustomVue procedure has received highest accolades and remarkable statistics.
About Shofner Vision Center
At Shofner Vision Center, we offer "No Fear, No Pressure" LASIK and Cataract surgery. Our staff is trained to provide the best medical eye services possible, not in sales. We specialize in LASIK/PRK Procedures including Custom 3D LASIK, Cataract Vision Correction Surgery, and Complete Eye Exams. Dr. Stewart Shofner, one of the most prominent eye surgeons in the country has performed more than 30,000 LASIK/PRK vision correction surgeries and 10,000 ocular surgeries in Middle Tennessee.

We offer special LASIK programs for Wounded Warriors providing free LASIK. We also offer extremely attractive LASIK prices for Veterans, Reservists, Military dependents, Firefighters and Law Enforcement. Our reputation for excellence makes us one of the most affordable eye care practices in the Nashville area. Contact Shofner Vision Center for your complimentary LASIK evaluation to determine if LASIK vision correction surgery is appropriate for you.


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