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Dr. Stewart Shofner Delivers The Truth Behind 20/20 LASIK Guarantees

by Dr. Shofner
Thu, Sep 5th 2013 05:00 pm
Nashville, TN

Almost $140 billion was spent on advertisements last year. Research confirms that various forms of advertising heavily influences consumers buying habits, including LASIK. Dr. Stewart Shofner of Shofner Vision Center delivers the truth behind 20/20 LASIK guarantees. Dr. Shofner agrees with The Federal Trade Commission's statement, "As for promises of 20/20 vision — no doctor can make that guarantee. Besides, 20/20 vision still can be flawed vision." Consumers should be cautious of vision centers that conduct questionable and possibly unlawful advertising schemes just to acquire new LASIK patients.

Ophthalmology Guidelines
The Refractive Surgery Advertising Guidelines are designed to help ophthalmologists provide truthful, informative advertising of refractive surgery. In addition to their ethical obligations, the guidelines note that LASIK surgeons (ophthalmologists) must be aware of their legal obligations in connection with the promotion of services. Administrators and managing physicians often view marketing solely as advertising to attract new patients. "Many patients don't realize that reputable vision centers may be in violation of Federal Government Advertising Guidelines by offering 20/20 LASIK Guarantees," says Dr. Shofner.

20/20 Facts
On December 18, 2012, the USDA issued the following statement: "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today warned five eye care providers to stop the misleading advertising and promotion of refractive lasers used in eye surgery procedures such as LASIK." Dr. Shofner adds, "Our LASIK patients are very pleased with their vision after LASIK surgery and we believe in making sure our patients are very satisfied. However, we do not offer 20/20 LASIK Guarantees because we believe his would be a violation of the spirit of Federal Government Advertising Guidelines."

There is actually no reason to advertise LASIK 20/20 guarantees. LASIK surgery performed by reputable surgeons across the country is quite safe and life changing. The procedure stands on its own merits. "We are blessed to have some very good LASIK surgeons in Middle Tennessee," says Dr. Shofner. Clinical studies presented to the FDA show that the Advanced CustomVue Procedure can potentially produce better vision than is possible with glasses or contact lenses.

In fact, clinical studies have shown that more patients were satisfied or very satisfied with their vision after the Advanced CustomVue Procedure than they were before with glasses or contact lenses. Ninety eight percent of mild to moderate nearsighted patients could see 20/20 or better one year after treatment. However, LASIK, like any surgery, has risks and complications that should be carefully considered by the patient.

About Shofner Vision Center
At Shofner Vision Center, we offer "No Fear, No Pressure" LASIK and Cataract surgery. Our staff is trained to provide the best medical eye services possible, not in sales. We specialize in LASIK/PRK Procedures including Custom 3D LASIK, Cataract Vision Correction Surgery, Dry Eye Disease Treatment and Complete Eye Exams. Dr. Stewart Shofner, one of the most prominent eye surgeons in the country has performed more than 30,000 LASIK/PRK vision correction surgeries and 10,000 ocular surgeries in Middle Tennessee.

Dr. Kevin Johnson is Board Certified in the treatment of diseases of the eye and continues to assist the US Air Force with the evaluation of LASIK for Air Force Pilot Candidates. Our reputation for excellence makes us one of the most affordable eye care practices in the Nashville area. Contact Shofner Vision Center for your complimentary LASIK evaluation to determine if LASIK vision correction surgery is appropriate for you.

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