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Meet Kathryn

Kathryn, Lasik Patient, Shofner Vision Center

Kathryn is a native to Nashville and a freshman studying psychology at a local University. She has worn glasses most of her life (since 5 years old) and was pondering if LASIK was right for her. She was also very skeptical and extremely fearful of any surgical procedures. She quickly learned that Shofner Vision Center could correct her vision with LASIK surgery and also help her overcome her fear of LASIK.

Kathryn was nearsighted and was dependent on her glasses or contacts to see just about everything. She decided to pursue LASIK surgery after she overcame her fear and also learning that her two older brothers had great results with LASIK surgery by Dr. Shofner. 

It wasn't until Kathryn scheduled her complimentary LASIK/PRK evaluation until she learned the different types of laser eye surgery and that she was an ideal candidate for Traditional and Custom LASIK. The time was right for Kathryn to finally be free from glasses and contacts and opted for Custom LASIK. Learn more about the different types of vision correction surgeries offered at Shofner Vision Center.  Read Kathryn's Personal Interview, Full Story

Meet KristinLASIK Patient by Shofner Vision Center Nashville, TN

I was first told I needed glasses at the age of 10. This was possibly the prolonged effect of smuggling Ramona, Babysitters Club, and Sweet Valley High books under the covers with only a weak flashlight for visibility. While only in Semi-Awkward Phase at the time — Extreme Awkward, the Braces +  Self-Cut Bangs and Dye Job + (Not Baby) Chub Edition didn't hit until the end of middle school — I refused to wear the glasses given to me by my optometrist for fear of looking like a dork. A year later, in fifth grade, I started wearing soft contacts. At the age of 13, my doctor told me of this brand new procedure, orthokeratology, in which I would wear corrective gas permeable lenses that reshaped my corneas, originally for eight hours a day, then slowly decreasing the time I wore the contacts, until my vision was perfect and I had to only wear them at night to maintain it. Sort of like once you get your braces off, you continue to sleep in your retainer for stability. Read Kristin's Full Story and Her LASIK Experience!

LASIK Patient Honors his Son, SSG Chris Falkel

Patient Spotlight

Every person that walks through Shofner Vision Center's doors has a story to tell including this former LASIK patient. We turn our focus to a Military Sniper,  who told us about a unique way the father of Special Operation Warrior honors his son, who was killed in combat.

SSG Chris Falkel sacrificed his life to protect others. He was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery. Falkel will be remembered as a warrior, a son, a fighter, and the nickname, "Junior" that his teammates gave him. While serving he would create objects out of bullets. With his desire to create a pen out of a bullet, his father senior picked up hisJuniors Bullet Pen son's creative torch and now creates pens out of bullets in his son's honor.  Read Full Story and how you can buy Junior's Bullet Pens that supports the Special Operation Warrior Foundation. 


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