"I am very happy with the results. I have already recommended Dr. Shofner to friends and relatives. I appreciate that all staff treated patients like people instead of numbers. I have visited other offices in the area where I felt like a number in a line. Thanks, and keep up the good work."Read More Testimonials

LASIK Patient Stories

At Shofner Vision Center, we provide our patients with valuable resources for all services we provide, answer all questions, address any concerns and most importantly support the patient throughout the entire process. We also believe in providing patients with a "No Fear - No Pressure" LASIK experience.

Recently, we have had patients wanting to share their experience and helpful insight to others that are considering LASIK or other vision corrective procedures.

Meet Kathryn

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is a native to Nashville and a freshman studying psychology at a local University. She has worn glasses most of her life and was pondering if LASIK was right for her. She was also very skeptical and extremely fearful of any surgical procedures. She quickly learned that Shofner Vision Center could correct her vision with LASIK surgery and also help her overcome her fear of LASIK.

When asked "What was your biggest fear to overcome?" Kathryn replied: "My biggest fear was going without contacts for a week and wearing glasses.  But that was what Dr. Shofner recommended so I would have the best results."

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

The following comments are a sampling of unedited comments from our Questionnaires, which are given to every patient. You are welcome to read every Questionnaire which has been returned. Just ask any member of our staff for the Questionnaires. All comments posted are unedited.

  • "Great staff who made you feel you were part of a great family.  Excellent service.  I chose Dr. Shofner because of frankness and honesty about the options." 
  • "Dr. Shofner and Dr. Johnson very nice.  Staff is as well.  Great customer service. I definitely would recommend your service."
  • "The nurse that helped in surgery was terrific.  I think her name is Melissa. My distance vision is till a little blurry but Dr. Shofner said it would clear up soon."
  • "Everyone was so friendly, nice, and made me feel comfortable.  Thank you."
  • "Be sure to tell people that PRK takes a little longer to heal. Wonderful, caring staff."
  • "All staff was wonderful. I never had to wait very long. I am glad I got to fill out this survey. It means you are always trying to improve."
  • "My vision is amazing. I have already recommended friends. Your staff being so friendly is very important for making patients comfortable and confident. I did not want to be pushed into having surgery."
  • "Staff is great! Nice to see smiles (other medical offices seem to never smile!). Great job using patience when I had questions that went into technical depth."

Read More Testimonials

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