What You Should Ask Your Optometrist

Shofner Vision Center is here for your family when you need an optometrist in Nashville, TN. Maintain your vision and eye health with regular visits to Dr. Robert Shofner and Dr. Shilpa Patel. Keep reading for what to ask your optometrist at an exam, and come see us for an appointment to test your vision.

How Often Should My Eyes Be Examined?

While a general recommendation for vision exams is to come in annually, ask your doctor if you have any eye conditions that should be examined more often.

Why Are Regular Exams Important?

Preserving your vision not only helps you stay in tune with the world around you, but your optometrist in Nashville, TN, can also identify other conditions by examining your eyes. Diabetes, lupus, high cholesterol, glaucoma, and macular degeneration can all be identified by an eye doctor at an exam.

Do My Eyes Need To Be Dilated?

Ask your optometrist when you make your appointment if they will need to dilate your eyes to examine them. When your eyes are dilated, you will want to arrange for a ride home from your appointment.

What Can I Do To Maintain My Eye Health?

Talk to your eye doctor about what you can do to reduce eye strain and take the best care of your eyes. If you wear glasses or contacts, follow all instructions for their maintenance. Wear sunglass outdoors and protective eye gear for sports and work.

Should I See an Ophthalmologist?

When you have your eyes examined, ask your optometrist if there are any issues you should see an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist also specializes in treating eyes but they can also perform eye surgery. You can see either type of eye doctor at Shofner Vision Center.

Shofner Vision Center is your family optometrist in Nashville, TN. Preserve your vision and eye health with regular exams. Contact us for an appointment at (615) 249-7381.

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