The Importance of Visiting Your Ophthalmologist Regularly

Shofner Vision Center is here to help you with ophthalmology in Nashville, TN. Dr. Robert Shofner and Dr. Shilpa Patel can help with all your eye care needs, and you should see an ophthalmologist regularly. Keep reading about the reasons to see an ophthalmologist and contact us today for an appointment.

Identify Diseases

Your ophthalmologist in Nashville, TN, has a medical degree and helps keep your eyes and vision healthy. Regular eye checkups are not only important for your vision but also for your overall health. Your ophthalmologist evaluates your ocular health, and an eye exam can also help them identify chronic conditions. Not all eye diseases present with symptoms but it is possible to identify signs of glaucoma or macular degeneration so your eye doctor can intervene with treatment.

Eye Surgery

Ophthalmologists can also perform delicate, precise eye surgery to correct cataracts or glaucoma. Eye surgery can also be performed in the case of traumatic injury, and we can discuss your cosmetic options if you're looking to correct droopy eyelids or wrinkles.

Ease eye symptoms

Tell your eye doctor about anything causing your eyes discomfort or dryness. We can help identify what is causing your discomfort and treat your eyes so they stay healthy. If you are experiencing eye strain, tell your eye doctor and talk about taking breaks from screens.

Vision Health

Ophthalmologists can also help assess your vision. Even if you haven't needed glasses or contacts in the past, if you are forty or older, you should have your eyes and vision examined once a year.

When you need an eye exam or need glasses or contact lenses, or are having other symptoms and need your eyes examined, Shofner Vision Center can help. Dr. Robert Shofner and Dr. Shilpa Patel are your eye doctors in Nashville, TN. Contact us for an appointment at (615) 340-4733.

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