How an Optometrist Can Help With Your Eye Strain

If you find yourself struggling to read at any distance, you are likely putting a lot of strain on your eyes. When you struggle to see clearly, you might be squinting without even realizing it. Letting vision problems go untreated can put a strain on your eyes and you might find that you’re being met with constant headaches and exhaustion on your eyes. Instead of struggling to see clearly, Dr. Robert Shofner and Dr. Shilpa Patel at Shofner Vision Center in Nashville, TN can help you deal with your vision problems and help you see with ease again.

Lessening the Strain on Your Eyes

When you’re dealing with vision problems, things might be blurry while reading a book or trying to pay attention to a screen during a meeting. To see clearly, our body naturally squints and wants to clear things up. This strain can actually cause further complications and pain in your eyes that can be avoided.

Instead of squinting and straining to see clearly, an optometrist can find the right prescription to help you see the world easily. They can help you find the best corrective lenses to see without hurting your eyes. You can choose between glasses or contacts and you’ll find that you deal with fewer headaches and overall, it’s easier to function in your daily life.

Your optometrist can also make sure that any pair of glasses you choose properly fit and won’t slip or slide off your face. This helps keep you comfortable and makes your daily tasks much easier without the hassle of straining to see clearly.

Contact Your Optometrist Today

On top of helping clear up your vision, an optometrist can help detect other signs of issues that could affect your eyes. Contact our optometrists at Shofner Vision Center in Nashville, TN, at (615) 340-4733 to find out how you can stop straining your eyes today.

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