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March 5, 2019

With more than 30 million people around the world successfully treated, laser eye surgery is one of the most common elective medical procedures. It was over 28 years go when Dr. Stephen Slade and his scientific colleague, Dr. Stephen Brint performed LASIK in the United States. Since the ‘90s, improvements in LASIK technology have yielded better outcomes and results for patients.

“New instrumentation allows me to perform surgery with improved accuracy to achieve a more superior result,” says Dr. Stewart Shofner.

We decided to compile a top five list of reasons of why our patients decided to have LASIK vision correction surgery:

  1. Convenience – “After 42 years of wearing glasses and contacts, my whole life and you always prepare, you always have your stuff with you.” Mark S.
  2. Eyesight – “Small things like waking up and being able to see the alarm clock.” Jarryd M.
  3. Security – “It’s just a hassle – if there is ever an emergency in the middle of the night, I’d have to find my glasses.” Audrey H.
  4. Sports – “It made it so much easier to doing sports, a lot of swimming, scuba dive…you can’t wear glasses under your scuba mask.” Lynn W.
  5. Work – “I’m a firefighter and smoke irritates my eyes when wearing contacts.” Jason F.


Top reasons why patients chose Dr. Stewart Shofner to perform their LASIK/PRK:


  • Referrals – Over 85% of patients are referred to Shofner Vision Center. Dr. Stewart Shofner has been performing vision correction surgery since 1991. Our patients seek out advise on which doctor is recommended from their family, friends and coworkers. It is not uncommon for Dr. Shofner to see 3rd generation patients.
  • Experience – Performing over 60,000 surgeries in his career, Dr. Shofner is a board-certified ophthalmologist, completing his BS from Harvard,his residency at Yale, and his fellowship from LSU.  While at Yale, Dr. Shofner performed the very first PRK surgery in the U.S. 
  • Reputable – Dr. Shofner is recognized by his peers as one of the outstanding Board Certified Ophthalmologist and LASIK and Cataract eye surgeons in the United States.   
  • Cost – Shofner Vision Center offers the latest technologies including Bladeless LASIK at affordable prices. We offer special LASIK discounts for all military, firefighters, law enforcement officers and their families.

In addition to the reasons listed above, Shofner Vision Center’s staff is comprised of trained professionals who care about you and your vision…they strive to provide the best patient experience. Shofner's reputation for excellence makes him one of the most competitive eye care practices in the Nashville, TN area.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to help as many people as I have,” says Dr. Shofner.


If you are still contemplating vision correction surgery and have questions or concerns about your vision schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Shofner Vision Center also offers extended hours to speak with a knowledgeable counsellor for LASIK and Cataract questions; counsellors are available seven days a week at (615) 340-4733.


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